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Drilling Fluids


Drilling fluids solutions offered by Scomi Oiltools has a complete range of drilling fluid solutions across many countries to meet the wide array of clients’ requirements worldwide. The drilling fluids we provide cater to the most challenging wells such as horizontal, multilateral, deep water and high temperature-high pressure (HTHP) wells.

Scomi Oiltools' engineering services include the construction and operation of; milling/grinding facilities; liquid mud, brine, dry bulk and blending plants. Our team of, highly skilled and trained, drilling fluids engineers are both based at our laboratory facilities and on clients’ rigs and to support formulations of drilling fluids and ensure smooth operation of drilling activities. We update our engineers regularly with product trainings to ensure that they are knowledgeable on our range of drilling fluids. This will guarantee that we will be dynamic partners to our clients, providing the best possible expertise in the market today.

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