Production Enhancement


Having invested substantial amount of capital into your facilities, prevention of problems caused by integrity of the equipment is critical. At Scomi we have the experience to help your facilities be free of such integrity woes. Our wealth of application experience brings the much needed edge to your facility. Be it an offshore, onshore, pipeline or terminal you can be assured of our proven expertise in integrity assurance.

Corrosion Inhibitor

Various components of the crude and gas will accelerate the rate of corrosion in your facilities. We provide our range of corrosion inhibitors and expertise to give adequate protection to your facilities. To add value, we give you the right service and monitoring to furnish you with proof that the treatment is effective.


Microbes/bacteria can cause many types of problem to your operation – from microbiologically induced corrosion and H2S generation to fouling and deposition – all which is unfavourable to your operations. We provide a wide range of biocides, from general biocides to special purpose biocide to effectively combat microbes in your facility.

To ensure efficiency of the biocides, we conduct killing time versus concentration tests to ensure optimum dosage, and biocide resistant mutations is prevented by using different types of biocides in order to ensure long term protection.

Oxygen Scavenger

Oxygen is a major corrosive agent especially in injection systems, making its removal vital. In oxygen scavenging chemistry, a selection of chemicals are available driven mainly by your requirements and desired scavenging. We offer you the oxygen scavenger that suits your requirement best.


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