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Scomi Oiltools introduces its e-newsletter which is a simple way for us to get closer to you, our customer. We are spread across the globe but we'd like to keep you informed of the developments and technologies within Scomi Oiltools and hence the Scomi Flowline.

Please feel free to forward this e-newsletter and if you'd like more information, we are always contactable at : info@my.scomioiltools.com. In this inaugural issue, we bring you articles on our technology development in drilling fluids and drilling waste management.


CONFI-DEEP Minimises Fluid Losses and Reduces Drilling Costs


Drilling in cold deep water or cold weather situations can cause a 3 - 4 fold increase in viscosity of conventional invert emulsion drilling fluids. Mud losses due to induced fracture are likely if that viscosity increase occurs when the mud weight window is narrow. Typical invert emulsion drilling fluids become viscous and do not flow easily at seabed temperatures; the resulting increase in resistance to flow due to frictional losses increases the apparent fluid column hydraulic pressure when circulating. Any increase in column hydraulic pressure can overcome the wellbore horizontal stress or fracture gradient, which then results in costly loss of drilling fluid, severe reservoir damage, and loss of wellbore integrity.

The challenge was to develop a non-aqueous fluid which would reduce the likelihood of circulating losses to induced fractures by providing improved flow properties at low temperature.

The Scomi Oiltools' engineered solution was the simple robust CONFI-DEEP "flat rheology" drilling fluid. CONFI-DEEP has exceeded expectations. It is a simple formulation applying only one unique proprietary polymer with off the shelf components. CONFI-DEEP's reduced contribution to ECD and fluid losses directly reduces non-productive rig costs; the flat rheology fluid's potential for increased ROP reduces drilling hours. CONFI-DEEP is now confidently and routinely used in deep offshore waters of the South China Sea.

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For further information, kindly contact : drillingfluids@my.scomioiltools.com

  CBP: An Engineered Solution for Drill Cuttings  

In many parts of the world, government regulatory agencies are placing increasingly stringent limitations concerning the containment, handling, treatment and disposal of contaminated drill cuttings to the environment. To comply with these requirements, specialised technology has been developed to meet these new challenges. Scomi Oiltools have developed the new Cuttings Blowing Pump (CBP-800), an engineered solution for your drill cuttings containment and handling challenges.

The CBP-800 provides safe transportation of drilled cuttings with a pneumatic system that can directly pump the drill cuttings onto vessel storage tanks via dedicated bulk hoses thus eliminating the requirement for storage containers. This feature was driven with a QHSE focus in an effort to reduce handling of storage containers and eliminating the opportunity for any spills. In addition, the CBP-800 allows the transfer of drill cuttings over longer distances that was previously not possible.

The CBP-800 system has also been equipped with a module for measurement of hole cleaning. By combining data from the sensitive weight cell system and information from the logging unit an exact real time hole cleaning plot can be presented. The hole cleaning module of the CBP-800 system compares actual hole cleaning with theoretical data and gives a reliable indicator if the hole is clean.

The CBP-800 system has been successfully used and accepted in the Barent Sea and North Sea.

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